1823 Coronet Head Large Cent

From an unknown mintage, the 1823  Coronet Head Cent is usually considered to be the rarest of the middle date large cents. Two major varieties exist, one with a normal date, the other struck from an overdated 1823/2 die.

Despite the scarcity of this issue, low grade examples can be found at reasonable cost, but these are often porous, corroded or otherwise damaged. High grade examples are rare and very few true uncirculated examples exist. A higher end about uncirculated example graded PCGS AU58 sold for $32,200 in January 2010.

An unofficial restrike for this date exists, made outside the Mint circa 1860. It was created using a discarded 1823 obverse die paired with an 1813 reverse die. Both dies were heavily rusted and most examples will display both dies cracked across. These restrikes are believed to have been created at the same time and by the same people as the 1804 restrike cents.